Gabriel Max is a brand of Gabriele Nosso and Massimiliano Maresca, two young and creative talents from Naples (Italy), both very fond of fashion and communication.

The originality of the “Gabriel Max” project is to offer the opportunity to choose different colors for the right and left shoes, so that you can buy the shoes individually and then mix them as you wish to create your favourite outfit.

The shoes are available in 8 colors so you can obtain many interesting combinations for your outfits. The aim is to induce the desire to put on shoes of different colors. Maybe the right shoe in combination with the skirt’s or the trousers’ color and the left one matching the blouse’s or the jacket’s color or combining the right shoe with the dress and the left one with the bag or the accessories.

The design created by Gabriel Max is an elegant and refined pointed-toe décolleté with high heels: ideal for a polished daily outfit but also for the “grand soirée”. Suitable for a job meeting or for a special event, they are the ideal shoes for a modern and sexy woman, always fascinated by new trends and constantly active.

Every single shoe is packaged in a black velvet bag, as an eco-friendly product. Gabriel Max decided not to use carton boxes, indeed, to avoid deforestation across the globe.

The idea is not only to create a new trend concept, but also to send a message about tolerance and respect towards every kind of diversity: cultural, religious, racial and sexual.

That’s why #becolor #bedifferent is the brand’s claim to express their philosophy. Every color shade is created to highlight the woman’s soul and personality or just to enjoy an innovative style and to experiment a new and fancy look.

Gabriel Max’s imperative is “to venture”, creating your personal and unique style.

Moreover, all the colors are inspired to a place which is considered a symbol of the Italian beauty, to underline the strong link between Gabriel Max and the top nation in terms of style, class and elegance all over the world.